WaterI’ve seen a lot of people asking questions about hydration along my journey. “How much water should I drink?”, “Can you drink too much water?, “How do I tell if I am drinking enough?”, etc.. The following should help clear things up a bit, along with a simple layman’s method of determining your average hydration status after the break…
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First, I just have to ask. Is it possible to stick to the facts regarding firearm usage, and ownership? Why on earth do people want to listen to politicians who are clearly, either 100% lying through their teeth in their attempts to manipulate those who don’t know any better, or are simply, and truly as ignorant, irresponsible and reckless as they come regarding firearm self-defense, and safe usage?

Here’s a couple of honest responses to the ludicrous statements made by Joe Biden, in the video after the break…

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HPOnce again, The Huffington Post misrepresents reality, outright lies to the public and just to put icing on the cake this time condescends janitors, and security officers: (Details after the break)
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Sometimes during the Journey of Life, events occur which may cause us to create notions that separate us from our higher power, and/or purpose of being. This can lead us down a path steeped in suffering, and confusion. The suffering ends when we let go of the confusing notions that brought us down this path away from our higher power, and/or purpose of being.
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In an effort to get the word out I am writing to remind & repeat that anyone from the US can make a simple donation directly to the American Red Cross Haiti relief effort. All that is necessary is to simply text the word HAITI to 90999. This will cause a $10 donation directly to the American Red Cross to be charged to your phone bill. The citizens of Haiti need our support, and assistance so let’s show it! Our thoughts and our hearts are with the citizens of Haiti for a safe, and speedy recovery as well as mitigated damages to life, and infrastructure!

To find out more from the American Red Cross click HERE


If you are not from the US or would rather donate to other organizations for the cause then please click HERE for other sources of traditional plus “Text To” donations.

For those of you out their in the tech world who have a T-Mobile Touch Pro 2, I have just the case solution that you may be interested in. I personally tend to use my phone in a way that makes wearing my device with the face out is not feasible. So I had set out on a search for an in facing holster which will work for the T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 device. Video of find after the break!

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Video_CamWe had spoken about the frame rate characteristic of video recording, and how it affects the video quality on episode 6 of the TRUEcast HERE. To really bring this into perspective for the average person, I decided to show a comparison of videos with different frame rates so that one can appreciate the true impact of frame rate on the quality of the video recordings.

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apple_logoWe have all heard the claims that Apple’s MACs are more secure than the other guy’s computers, PCs that is, from the various home brewed & comedy schticky “I’m a MAC…I’m a PC” commercials. We have also heard of Apple’s deceptive marketing tactics which have netted two banned commercials from the UK’s advertising watchdog agency, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). Warning: The following is not for the Apple fanboy faint of heart…

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Google Voice & WM Plus More

GV-WMOur friend Joel AKA: j2inet has a long history of developing for many platforms. He has currently used his expertise to assist other developers with the implementation of a service that is near and dear to many mobile fans’ hearts on the Windows Mobile platform: Google Voice…

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